Apricot Films, LLC is an independent production company based in Los Angeles. Our filmmakers, artists, designers and team are passionate to tell marginalized narratives to inspire action and social change. The company was founded in the year 2000 by Gwen Wynne, Bob Bell, Jenny Jules & Ralph Brown. We tell the untold stories by whatever means possible.


Through well founded business relationships and a commitment to talent and team effort, we produce high quality feature narrative movies, feature documentaries and entertainment for a wide range of media both new and traditional.

Director/Producer Gwen Wynne with actors Adam Pascal and Tate Donovan on set of Wild About Harry.
“Set in 1973, this indie gem personalizes the mistrust, alienation, and prejudice that same-sex families still fight against today. “
— Tom Gregory, The Huffington Post
1 - "The Wild Bunch" illustration by Tyrus Wong.jpg

Tyrus Wong's concept art for The Wild Bunch featured in the documentary feature Tyrus. (photo courtesy of The Wong Family)

“There will never be another Tyrus Wong. He is a living pioneer of the 20th century. He is an artist who forged his own path, and whose passion and dedication led to a rich and extraordinary life, one that I hope will enlighten, inspire, and entertain audiences of today and of future generations.”
— Pamela Tom, Director/Writer of TYRUS


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