Late 1930s in Bogata, Columbia...

Late 1930s in Bogata, Columbia...

Amateur spies -- acrobats, Arctic explorers, mothers, cross-dressers -- take shape behind the backs of S.I.S., Britain's official secret service.

King of Beasts, a spy thriller told over three decades as an Episodic Dramatic Series,  reveals the controversial, true story of Winston Churchill's unknown secret agents of Special Operations Executive (S.O.E.) that sabotage the Nazis by any means necessary even if it means sacrificing their own to die. 

King of Beasts is plucked from secret sources and private archives researched over the last decade by Apricot Films and Gwen Wynne. It is the true story about one of Britain's greatest commandos and intelligence officers, Secret Agent 0017.


The Untold Story of Agent 0017

Hidden in the National Archives in Great Britain are the missions of one of the most important commandoes and secret agents of World War II that the British government has refused to allow any historian to write about.  Due to special access to family members and past members of Winston Churchill's Special Operations Executive, Apricot Films has pieced together the epic and true origin story of the S.O.E. and its first commandos. 

Agent 0017's story involves episodes of unparalleled drama, action and suspense, all connected to the larger political and historical events in which he played an unknown but vital part -- so vital that his missions are still considered sensitive and have not been released by Britain's National Archives because of this secret agent's status working under Winston Churchill's clandestine Special Operations Executive.  Agent 0017's missions are still part of the Hundred Years Secret Act in Great Britain.  Director Gwen Wynne has researched and created an episodic dramatic series revealing the buried, untold story of one of the greatest feats of espionage ever tackled known only to a few survivors and the Queen of England's appointed historians and master archivists.