Tyrus is the first in-depth portrait of the art, life and enduring impact of Tyrus Wong. The film takes the audience on a remarkable journey – from his birthplace of Guangzhou, China in 1910 to the boarding houses of LA’s old Chinatown and the studios of the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Directed & written by Pamela Tom, produced by Gwen Wynne,Tamara Khalaf and Pamela Tom, the feature length documentary explores Tyrus Wong's formative years as a young WPA artist and highlights the influence of Sung Dynasty art on his work. Recently passing away in late December, 2016, the film shows how Tyrus lived the life of an artist until his last days. In the film, even at 105, we see Tyrus still vibrant, flying his magnificent creations high above the Pacific Ocean – the same waters he crossed as a young boy over 95 years ago.

The film includes original interviews of Tyrus Wong, guest interviews, archival footage & photos, clips and concept art from early Hollywood movies and over 80 years of Tyrus Wong's artwork – much of it rare and never before seen. Tyrus captures the richness and texture of Tyrus’s career while also revealing the inner life and character of this rare individual.

Our “CAST” includes (partial list) Tyrus Wong, best selling writer Lisa See,  animation artists and writers Don Hahn, Charles Solomon, Eric Goldberg, John Canemaker, Paul Felix, Milton Quon, art curators Sonia Mak, Bill Stern, Ellen HarringtonMark Johnson, California watercolor expert Gordon McLelland and Hollywood film historian Joe Musso.

Developing the feature length documentary of Tyrus, spending time with Tyrus Wong and his family over these last seventeen years, securing funding from the kindness of strangers, friends, family, foundations, and strategizing how to best capture Tyrus's incredible life and art has been a uniquely special journey. 

Part of the privilege Apricot Films has had producing Tyrus has led to opportunities meeting and working with many talented, generous professionals that make up Walt Disney Studio’s legacy, art and iconic films like Tamara Khalaf and Don Hahn. 

Tyrus has been unspooling in American film festivals throughout 2016 starting as an official selection at the Telluride Film Festival in September, 2015 where it had its World Premiere.

For everything Tyrus, please go to our website:  http://tyruswongthemovie.com

“Look at his “Bambi” illustrations, they look like Chinese paintings... He wasn’t trying to be clever, just himself. What I found remarkable was that he was retaining his Chinese influence.”
— Pamela Tom, Director/Writer