Eos World Fund Brings Nina Menkes To Cannes Film Festival 2018

Auteur Director Nina Menkes is in France starting May 9th to attend the Cannes Film Festival with the newly announced EOS World Fund established by Director/Producer Gwen Wynne.  Nina menkes will present her audacious view about  cinema today: Sex & Power: The Visual Language of Oppression.  

On May 11, @12 pm at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival,  Nina Menkes (The Bloody Child, Phantom Love, Dissolution) will share her sex & power presentation again with international audiences.

menkes' cinematic presentation was crafted to address the recent tidal wave of sexual abuse and assault revelations for Eos World Fund's inaugural launch on janaury 19 at sundance 2018. coupled with menkes' cinematic presentation included a  superlative Panel entitled: Women in Charge: Through a New Lens.

At Eos World fund's inaugrual event, hosted by blackhouse foundation, magnificently organized by co-founder & producer carol shineEos World Fund named Julie Dash (Daughters of the Dust, The Rosa Parks Story) & Nina Menkes (Queen of Diamonds, Bloody Child) as the first two cornerstone directors and recipients of the eos world fund to develop and make their movies: Cypher and minotaur rex.  

menkes' presentation will commence at The Members Club which is located at:

The Grand Hotel Beach @PLAGE 45

(Beach opposite The Grand Hotel)

Nina Menkes' cinematic talk is not to be missed!

Eos World Fund  brings Auteur Director  Nina Menkes  to the  71st Cannes Film Festival

Eos World Fund brings Auteur Director Nina Menkes to the 71st Cannes Film Festival

Eos World Fund, spearheaded by Director & Producer, Gwen Wynne, aims directly at the disparity of women’s storytelling throughout the cinematic and visual arts with its mission to provide capital financing to visionary female directors around the world in an effort to galvanize further provocative and diverse cinema within untapped markets. 

Nina Menkes is a prominent independent filmmaker, and a Guggenheim and Fulbright Fellow. Described as “Brilliant, one of the most provocative artists in film today”, by The Los Angeles Times. Nina has been compared to both David Lynch and Antonioni; her ground-breaking work, is, in fact, unique and utterly individual to her sensibility, combining harsh external realities with interior dreamscapes.


Eos World Fund supports a selected group of visionary women and their groundbreaking projects, within the creative arts realm, through funds and distribution to reach untapped market audiences. The first two recipients under the Eos World Fund initiative will bring stories of social justice to the forefront with the upcoming thrillers: Cypher by Julie Dash and Minotaur Rex by Nina Menkes.



TYRUS in a cinema near you...


Monday, June 19, 2017 @5:30pm

Wednesday, June 21, 2017 @7:20pm + Q&A

Thursday, June 22, 2017 @5:30pm

Silver Spring, Maryland

*Director Pamela Tom & Producer Gwen Wynne in person June 20 @ 7:30pm



Larkspur, CA
June 16, 18, 20, 21, 2017

Lark Theater


Astoria, NY (New York City)
June 24, 2017

Museum of the Moving Image

*Director Pamela Tom & Producer Gwen Wynne in person @ 4:00pm


Los Angeles, CA
June 25, 2017

American Cinematheque - The Egyptian Theatre - Hollywood

*Director Pamela Tom in person

Concept sketch of a deer in the forest for Walt Disney's "BAMBI" by Tyrus Wong

Concept sketch of a deer in the forest for Walt Disney's "BAMBI" by Tyrus Wong

Tyrus Tour

The Director and Producers of TYRUS, Pamela Tom and Gwen Wynne, will be in New York City, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles presenting their festival award winning documentary feature.

TYRUS is the first in-depth portrait of the art, life and enduring impact of Tyrus Wong. Through the eyes of a young immigrant boy from Guangzhou, China first arriving at Angel Island in San Francisco Bay, we experience the unlikely story of a boy growing up in the boarding houses of LA’s old Chinatown to become the greatest concept artist ever.

The film explores both Tyrus's formative years as a young WPA artist to his time working in various disciplines to support his family.  We examine the influence of Sung Dynasty art throughout Tyrus's long career by examining his long life as an artist spent pursuing a variety of jobs like "in-betweening" for Walt Disney's Animation Studio, making concept art for Warner Brothers Studios, Christmas cards for Hallmark to forging stylish dinnerware sold throughout the United States. We also see Tyrus in his early 100s, still vibrant, flying his magnificent handmade kites high above the Pacific Ocean – the same waters he crossed as a young boy over 95 years ago.

The film presents original interviews of Tyrus Wong, guest interviews, archival footage & photos, clips and concept art from early Hollywood movies and over 80 years of Tyrus Wong artwork – much of it rare and never before seenTYRUS captures the richness and texture of Tyrus’ career while also revealing the inner life and character of this rare individual.

Our “CAST” includes (partial list) Tyrus Wong, best selling writer Lisa See,  animation artists and writers Don Hahn, Charles Solomon, Eric Goldberg, John Canemaker, Paul Felix, Milton Quon, art curators Sonia MakBill SternEllen HarringtonMark Johnson, California watercolor expert Gordon McLelland and Hollywood film concept illustrator Joe Musso.

Poster Design drafts by Frida Rivera

Poster Design drafts by Frida Rivera