Media Alert - Cannes Film Festival - May 7, 2018

#metoo What’s Next

From Shot Design to Female Character Development

Who:  Trailblazing Director Nina Menkes(“The Bloody Child”, “Phantom Love”, and “Dissolution”) and Filmmaker Gwen Wynne, founder of EOS World Fundare taking #metoo to the next stage by addressing how the very basics of filmmaking - from shot design to female character development - needs to transform in order to really effect change.

What: Nina Menkes will present her cinematic talk "Sex and Power; The Visual Language of Oppression”, in which she discussed how the recent tidal wave of sexual abuse and assault revelations connects directly to the visual language of cinema, Menkes uses iconic film clips from the 1940’s to the present to illustrate how the “gaze” of the camera and shot design disempower women leading to inequality and an atmosphere tolerant of harassment.

Menkes is in Cannes as the first recipient (along with filmmaker Julie Dash) of the newly established Eos World Fund, spearheaded by filmmaker Gwen Wynne, and launched at Sundance 2018.  Eos World Fund is a new global initiative that supports innovative female filmmakers who are looking to change the visual landscape. Eos World Fund will provide financing and distribution to visionary woman filmmakers with bold ideas that challenge perceptions and push the boundaries of the creative and visual arts.

When: Friday, 11th May, 2018

What: Sex and Power; The Visual Language of Oppression - Menkes’ Cinematic Presentation 

WhereThe Member’s Club at The Grand Hotel Beach @Plage 45

(The beach opposite the Grand Hotel)

For further information on Menkes, Wynne and EOS World Fund’s efforts to reframe the way women are presented in cinema or to arrange an interview during the festival, please contact Julie D Polkes at or on 917-697-4100.

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“It’s fitting that Nina and Julie are the first directors and recipients of monies from Eos World Fund. So many are hungry to see more of Nina and Julie’s films; not only do they have a significant following, both directors are genuinely respected for taking cinema in new directions. They are both pioneers in feminist cinema and inspirations to filmmakers around the world.”
— Gwen Wynne, Founder