Financing Devoted to Women Creating their Untold Stories

We chose Eos, the Greek Goddess of Dawn, to represent the desire to illuminate the world daily.  Like Dawn’s persistence to bring forth the morning every day despite all obstacles, the Eos World Fund seeks to cultivate, nurture, and support woman’s vision and voice as expressed in the creative arts. 

The Eos World Fund strives to support the established, the unknown, the forgotten, the new and the emerging female artist.  In the 21st century women are still missing in positions of power to create stories in film, on television, in books, newspapers and on the stage -- all media. Women make up a small number of influential voices that exist in all forms of established and new media. We aim to change this problem systemic in our culture and throughout the world. 

Eos seeks to bring the under-represented female voice to audiences around the world by providing funding and resources to directors and producers with innovative and startlingly inspired storytelling helmed by visionary women.

Fund’s Objectives

  • Financing devoted for innovative women visual artists to create their untold stories.

  • All projects contain a strong social justice component. 

  • Devoted to the cinematic, visual, and performing arts with the female director and creator at its helm.  The EOS World Fund will also branch out into other art forms that women around the world are creating and advocating.  

  • Create, implement, and continue to replenish a ten to one hundred million dollar fund devoted to women on a mission to direct and/or create their passion projects in the cinematic arts, new visual mediums, performing arts, dance, theatre and music.

  • Create and implement a financial plan which builds upon the initial funding of ten million dollars so that it can grow yearly and aggressively.  Three quarters of the Fund's principle must always remain so that the Fund can continue to grow and our portfolio manager at Morgan Stanley can invest wisely to continue the Fund's growth.

Through storytelling we illuminate the world & its creations.
— Gwen Wynne, Founder

Join us one and all: ARTISTS & benefactors

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