You can make a difference.

We need your support to hit our first goal to trigger the Eos World Fund's initiative to finance the untold stories by provocative filmmakers and storytellers.  As described in more detail on this website. The Eos World Fund is devoted to women on a mission to direct and/or create their passion projects in the cinematic arts, new visual mediums, performing arts, dance, theatre and music.  


Your donation allows us create partnerships with filmmakers around the world so we can tell inspiring stories to connect and transform people's points of view and ways of thinking. We seek to create beauty -- which is also art for the soul -- and to ensure a legacy through the cinematic arts and its storytellers.  




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Tell your friends and family about our initiatives and projects. There's no better way to make an impact than to become an active advocate yourself with our company.  Talk about us!

Bring beauty to the world and spearhead a lasting impact through the cinematic and performing arts through our most talented storytellers.  Contact us and we can give you more detailed information on how you can participate with our organization, its artists and spread the word with our vision.