Eos World Fund is a new global initiative spearheaded by Director/Producer Gwen Wynne that supports innovative female filmmakers. The mission of EOS is to provide financing and distribution to visionary woman filmmakers with bold ideas that challenge perceptions and push the boundaries of the creative and visual arts. EOS will provide a platform to bring these projects to a worldwide audience. The EOS World Fund awarded its first recipients, trailblazing filmmakers Nina Menkes and Julie Dash, in January 2018. 



"One of The Eos World Fund’s missions is to change  the entrenched landscape of cinema. Nina Menkes's vital cinematic presentation:  Sex & Power: The Visual Language of Oppression inspires audiences to see why it is urgent to change how women are portrayed in cinema."


Gwen Wynne, EOS Founder & CEO



Eos World Fund

Producing Nina Menkes' MINOTAUR REX and HEATSTROKE

Nina Menkes is one of America’s most respected filmmakers. Her films are uncompromising in structure and scope, blending a powerful feminist sensibility and aesthetic to make complex, compelling narratives that often explore the intersection between sexuality and violence. She counts among her many admirers such independent film luminaries as Allison Anders (Gas Food Lodging), Gus Van Sant (Elephant) and Benecio Del Toro (Che).